Wednesday, 13 May 2009

How do we see reality?

We were talking about Kepler´s work, and having a look at his work and contribution to our understanding of the motion of planets around the sun.

Kepler was not seeing the reality because he had already an image of how the universe should be: if it was God´s creation it had to reflect the "perfection" of the creator, so the orbits should have the "perfection" of the circles.........

We live according to what we see, we interpret things according to how we see them, we act according to what we beleive.........

But......How do we see things? do we see them as images? can an image ever be free from the influence of the person that makes the image? have we ever questioned how we see, the process of seeing? is there a perception which is pure, which is a direct perception? do we "tell" reality how it has to be?............questions........

These questions were also relevant in the "social environment" that surrounded Kepler´s life:

(videos from Carl Sagan´s Cosmos series)

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  1. I agree. Many people tell me that we all see the world through our "tinted" glasses.

    I prefer to say that we see the world through "tainted" glasses instead. This is because our understanding of the world is not perfect. We cannot even measure something without affecting our measurement in some way!

    That is why God needed to reveal Himself to us before we could even hope to understand Him.