Friday, 18 September 2009

What is conditioning?

There is an interesting passage about Hercule Poirot, the fictionary detective in Agatha Christies’s novel “Death in the Clouds” (1961. Pages 169-170):

“….. Poirot groaned and dropped his head into his hands. ‘I must think. I must think…... Can it be possible that all along my ideas have been entirely wrong?..… It is possible that all along I have attached too much importance to one particular thing. I expected to find a certain clue. I found it, and I built up my case from it. But if I have been wrong from the beginning’….. Poirot pressed his hands upon his temples. ‘It is all wrong’, he murmured. ‘I do not employ the little grey cells of the brain in an orderly and methodical way. No, I leap to conclusions. I think, perhaps, what I am meant to think”.

What is conditioning? Is it the most common, yet the most difficult to be aware of, factor influencing the way we think, feel and live?

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