Tuesday, 12 January 2010

obituary of a good person

Miep Gies
(15 February 1909 – 11 January 2010) was one of the people who hid Anne Frank and her family from the nazis during world war II. She brought them food and support during the time they were hiding away (from July 1942 to 4 August 1944). She discovered and preserved Anne Frank's diary after the Franks were arrested. After the war she had Otto Frank, the only survivor, live in her house for several years.

Miep Gies states in her autobiography, and on her own website: "I stand at the end of the long, long line of good Dutch people who did what I did or more – much more - during those dark and terrible times years ago"

There are people who feel and act in the direction of goodness. And they do it in a natural way. It is not that they think " I should act in a good way", they just do it, it flows out of them....
Where does this goodness stem from?
Is it that there are good and bad people?, or is it that this goodness is a part of all of us?...
The only way to really know is to find if this is true for oneself......

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