Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The obsolete consciousness I

The Dongria Kondhas people inhabit the plateaus of the Niyamgiri hills in India. The Niyamgiri Hills where the Dongria Kondh dwell are covered by superb natural forests and home to many rare species like the Golden Gecko and the Giant Squirrel. The Dongria Kondh call themselves Jharnia meaning those who live by the Jharana (streams). Hundreds of perennial streams flow from Niyamgiri hill, and there are hundreds of Dongria villages by the streams. The Dongria are the protectors of these streams, hills and jungles and are revered by people in the nearby plains.

A british based mining company, named Vedanta (ironic name as "vedanta" refers to the branch of Hindu philosophy that teaches the Ultimate Nature of Knowledge), wants to turn the the Niyamgiri mountains into a giant bauxite mine to feed its refinery at the foot of the mountain.

It is the mineral wealth lying beneath the slopes of the Niyamgiri mountains that has drawn Vedanta to Niyamgiri. If the flat-topped hills are destroyed, the forests that clothe them will be destroyed, too. So will the rivers and streams that flow out of them and irrigate the plains below. So will the Dongria Kondh.

This is a manifestation of the obsolete consciousness which has been pervasive in this time of human evolution.....

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