Sunday, 15 August 2010

“To be the best me I can be today.”

I am subscribed to a Multiple Sclerosis association, and in a mail arrived today they tell the story of Jim Dunlap. His story is one of courage and strength. Jim was a former professional bike racer and cycling team manager who is now forced to cope with the everyday struggles of living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The unexpected and uncontrollable symptoms of MS have created new and unforeseen obstacles for him. His ability to walk was first encumbered by the need for a cane, and now he relies on a wheelchair to get around.

To Jim what is important is to accept the obstacles that arise every day and “To be the best me I can be today.”.

(Dedicated to the many, many anonymous heroes living everyday life, the mother that takes such care for her babies, the truck driver exhausted at the wheel because he loves his sons, the people that endure long hours of
physical pain or dissability, the people in a monastery or with a normal life that are trying to advance this conscioussness......etc, etc, etc. )

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