Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Impermanence II

I have been thinking a lot and looking at things under the "impermanence" optic....

In the entry "Impermanence I" of october 11th, I wrote that:

"In the millions of years of the universe existence, has there been two moments in which the universe has been identical?
Does this continuous change anything to do with impermanence? If there are not two moments in which the universe was identical, that means that there is no permanence.....not only it does not exists now, but there has never been.... That means that from the very beginning of the universe, impermanence has been a constant feature......"

And these days it seems to me that our mind, essentially, works on the premises of permanence. It is almost as if it would not consider the fact that impermanence is a kind of law...
Yesterday I got a "feeling" that was difficult to crystallize in words, but I will try here. It was something like this:
when the mind projects a future, this projection is based on permanence, it is a kind of does not take into account impermanence......not to take into account such an important law makes this projection a kind of unreal projection.......which makes the present the only real thing.....
Same with the so called "ego". It is a kind of "permanent" projection......

(Picture is titled "impermanence" by
Jason Theaker,

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