Monday, 17 January 2011

To look at yourself

To learn about meditation, you have to see how your mind is working. You have to watch, as you watch a lizard going by, walking across the wall. You see all its four feet, how it sticks to the wall, and as you watch, you see all the movements. In the same way, watch your thinking. Do not correct it. Do not suppress it. Do not say, "All this is too difficult". Just watch; now, this morning.

(J. Krishnamurti, addressing young students in Rishi Valley, India. Passage extracted from the book "On Education")

(Dedicated to Hugo)

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  1. hugo00:24

    I'll keep watching!
    It's amazing how you are really convinced of being staring at your mind moving in all directions and suddenly you feel in your shoulder the hand of your own thinking saying -like an old friend-: "hey, what are we watching?" (and surprised you "think": "I was trying to see YOU!!!")(or maybe the so called "me"...)

    The mind is all the time trying to recover its position...

    We'll take more in detail about all this...
    Take care...