Monday, 16 May 2011

Education XIX: how easy is to put fear in a child´s mind

These last days something happened that was interesting. One of the twins (14 months old) started to be quite afraid and concerned about helicopters. It all started because whenever a copter flew past above us, we would point our hand towards it and changed our normal tone of voice and said "Look, helicopter". We uncounsciously changed our tone of voice to make it more interesting.

But know we are a bit worried, because whenever there is a helicopter, or he even hears the word "helicopter", he says "Uh, Uh" and looks worried and afraid.

So, we realized how easy is to put fears in a child´s mind, and how easy they pick up these fears. It feels as if their mind is quite receptive to incorporate fears. It is fertile ground to let these fears root in it. This is something we have to have in mind if we do not want to educate through fears, to put fears in their they are safe....

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