Wednesday, 3 March 2010


" is the way complex systems and patterns arise out (emerge) of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions.

Emergent structures are very common in Nature. They are patterns not created by a single event or rule. Nothing commands the system to form a pattern or even intends it. Instead, the interaction of several simple parts with each other and with its immediate surroundings causes a chain of processes leading to the emergence of a very complex structure.

Ripple patterns in the sand created by wind or water is an example of an emergent structure in nature. The interaction of very simple elements create a complex structure, without anyone of them intending it.

Water crystals forming on glass demonstrate an emergent natural process, where a high level of organizational structure is crafted directly by the random interaction of water molecules between themselves and particular surrounding conditions.

Is DNA, the central molecule in which life is based, an "emergent" structure?, created by the interaction of very simple molecules interacting between themselves and its environment? and these interactions just driven by simple affinities?, creating, without intending it, an incredible structure that is able to hold a memory and transmit it, unfolding what we call life?....
And now a logical question: is life an "emergent" structure, created by the interaction of many simple elements and their environment....without nothing intending it?

Can something which is not intended have a goal? in an unintended system could there be an intelligence?....

Listen to the music of an incredible group....called "Emergence", probably created by the unintended interaction of some people playing with sounds. By the way the singer is a good friend, Krishna (Duncan), and one of the people that demonstrated that friendship could be life the way, is friendship an "emergent structure"?, coming out of the unintended interaction of many small factors, leading to a much more complex and amazing structure?

Listen to Emergence

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