Wednesday, 26 May 2010

what moves the world?

I was trying to get breakfast this morning in the dinning hall of my working place, and when I passed in front of the kitchen door, I saw this youngish woman working in front of a grill there.
The kitchen had no windows and was probably hot. And she was there seriously working grilling some food.....

And I thought "why does she work there?"....and an answer came to my head: "she might have a son and she wants the best for him and she works there for him......she was doing it because of love........"

Then I remember that I thought something similar the other day when I was going in a bus: "what makes this driver come day after day and do this mechanical repetitive job, day after day, year after year?.......and I remember that a similar idea came to my mind: "he might have a daughter or a couple of dauhgters....and he loves them....and so he kind of do this for some kind of love......but love nevertheless......"

And I was still waiting on the line to get breakfast and a weird idea, or rather a question, appeared in my mind: " is it possible that loves moves this world more than we imagined?"....

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  1. Anonymous13:14

    yes, i think love moves the world. no doubt.