Sunday, 28 July 2013

Not that far....and always there.....

I get together with two other people to read and comment a text of J. Krishnamurti, The Flight of the Eagle.
We chose chapter 3 almost at random. There was a part that struck us, in parenthesis, and here it goes:

"But a mind that has limitless space and that quietness, that stillness, has no centre as the `me', the `observer,' is quite different. In that silence there is no `observer' at all; that quality of silence has vast space, it is without border and intensely active; the activity of that silence is entirely different from the activity which is self-centred. If the mind has gone that far (and really it is not that far, it is always there if you know how to look), then........"

Not that far....and always there.....

(the whole chapter can be read in:

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