Friday, 14 February 2014

Education XXV: to be aware of conditioning is the only way out of conditioning

Look at this boy on the right of the picture. He and his family have just survived the bombing of their house in Siria.

He is still suffering the extreme fear produce by extreme violence. This suffering will condition him, possibly to be angry and-or violent.

Is it possible an education that favors an awareness of this conditioning, his homo sapiens conditioning, his genetic conditioning, the conditioning produced by the way his ancestors have lived (epigenetic), his cultural, familiar conditioning.....and the conditioning of suffering produced by the infinite conditioning of his fellow humans.

Is it possible to be completely aware of the WHOLE field of conditioning?

And maybe conditioning need not be something negative. Maybe is a necessary barrier that if we jump over would bring another state of mind, more pure, more fit.

I pray that you have it, little boy.......

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