Sunday, 19 April 2009

extraterrestrials and love

Today we were walking through a village and we heard a love song (see link below)....

If some extraterrestrials would be approaching Earth for the first time, they would be detecting radio waves coming out of our analyze what kind of planet and living creatures lived on it.....

They would find that very often radio waves referred to something called "love", with many confusing aspects about it.......and normally spoken about in a peculiar way that was called "singing"....

What conclusion would they reach about Earth?.....what is love? it only human or a much more widespread phenomenon?

E: Perhaps we could begin by asking the connection between "love" and feelings or sentience. It is commonly accepted that love is a very strong feeling or emotion. Maybe we could talk about that?

"O mio babbino caro"

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  1. Anonymous20:19

    i would like to be an extraterrestrial for some time in order to listen these songs and to have a look to the human beings in that way...
    this is an interesting thing... i think.
    congratulations for the initiative with this global dialogue,
    let´s speak toguether!!

    little chicken breast