Tuesday, 14 April 2009

fractals and holograms

It was David Bohm (1917-1992) the one that spoke about the universe being "holographic", meaning that all parts partake of the same essence.
An atom is not essentially different to a galaxy....
Implied in this is the notion that all is one?.......

See this beautiful video about fractals

Beautiful word used by Bohm. To partake. According to the dictionary:

intransitive verb
: to take part in or experience something along with others ("partake in the revelry") ("partake of the good life")
: to have a portion (as of food or drink)
: to possess or share a certain nature or attribute ("The experience partakes of a mystical quality")
transitive verb
: to take part in
synonyms: see "share"

Please, send your comment, and share (partake) your understanding.......


  1. Anonymous04:01

    I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiring words. I am a doctoral student writing a paper on fractals and the relationship between dialogue and philosophical pedagogy in education. I happen to come across your blog and just wanted to say it is always wonderful to find this sort of communication alive on the internet.

  2. Anonymous01:03

    Fractals are patterns whose structure operates the same at all levels.
    When every part of an organization is organized multidimensional-ly, the organization can said to be a “fractal” (Barnsley, 1988)

    Fractals patterns are found everywhere mostly under your nose.

    Fractals become powerful when two or more stakeholders use the same pattern(s). This is important when building worthwhile relationships. Awareness of fractal patterns helps a lot.

    An organization becomes fractal based when every employee becomes a general manager, no matter how specialized his or her job may be. Every fractal based job would utilize a behaviour-nomic fractal.

    Fractals need not be complex. Iterations make them appear to be complex.

    Fractals are self-similar forms on different scales. (Noel Huntley, Ph.D. 2001

    A fractured fractal becomes a ‘disconnect’ or gap. The IT department becomes a ‘disconnect’ when it’s viewed as a cost.

  3. Anonymous16:27

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  4. Anonymous10:37

    the brain may be described as particles or waves. Likewise. every electrical event initiates its magnetic analogue. The skull reflects and focuses magnetic waves percipitating interference patterns. trillions of times per second. These stimulate electrical responses in the bratn which regenerate new waves. If the brain functions as a hologram, I wonder if it is also organized fractally. Then quantum events could escalate into events scaled up to real worl magnitude like brain waves or consciousness.