Monday, 4 October 2010

Education VI

I am observing how my young twins develop. Since they are 3 month old, something happens that I did not understand at the beginning: when they are laid down they cry ferociously.

They calm down when you pick them up and show them things or when they are contemplating a new thing.

And the idea came to my mind that their brain (at this stage, at least) needs this stimulus to develop. Lines, textures, flavors, colours, not only feed information, but make the brain develop.

It is a kind of hunger. Same as the body is hungry for food to develop, the world is the food for the brain development.......

So, at this stage, we do not have to give any education, only to allow their exposure to the world.

1 comment:

  1. Qué interesante este planteamiento. Totalmente acertado, creo. Salvando las distancias, ocurre lo mismo con algunos perros, que ladran y sólo quieren algún estímulo como jugar o alguna caricia. Siempre que veo a algún bebé pienso en lo que estarán pensando. Gracias a tu reflexion, la próxima vez que ve a alguno (que creo que será pronto), les mostraré el mundo...