Saturday, 30 October 2010

Feelings arise from a mind not at peace....

A person close to me sends me a letter today:

"Last couple of days have been very bad here for me. I have known 'hell'. I was tired and resentful. And everything kept going from bad to worse. A vicious circle. I have known 'heaven' too (as a figure of speech). I have felt free, joyful, abundant, with an expansive, quiet and reconciled energy. But the last two days the 'ego' struck me hard. Made me evil, desperate, despondent. I only wanted to ESCAPE. And I couldn't. I have known the 'peaks of ecstasy' and the 'depths of despair'. Such contrasts! Today, not in its grips any longer, I see that FEELINGS control us. That they arise from a MIND not at peace. That the only real escape rests in the mind, nowhere else."

Like a good doctor she made a precise diagnosis, and pointed to the root cause of the illness....

What is a mind at peace?. It cannot be one part trying to control another part.....that would not be, what is it?

(dedicated to E.)

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