Monday, 1 November 2010

The obsolete consciousness V

The organization Banktrack has released a study showing which finantial institutions/banks are financing the companies manufacturing cluster bombs.

Cluster munitions pose a serious threat to civilian populations during and after a conflict. Cluster munitions are designed to blanket a large area, sometimes as big as 4-5 football fields. They spread a large number, sometimes close to 2000, of submunitions or bomblets. Distribution of submunitions over such a broad area results in a large chance of civilian casualties during and after the attack. Many bomblets or submunitions fail to explode on impact. They remain on the ground like landmines that kill and injure civilians long after the conflict has ended. 98% of cluster munitions victims are civilians.

A part of the consciousness has created a huge finantial system to have its own security no matter if it is by using force and maiming another part. It considers itself a part, separate from the whole. Such economic system, based on this fragmented consciousness, can never be fair and seems to lead to imbalance and conflict......

(picture, above: a boy wounded by a cluster bomb in Irak in 2003, by A. Niedringhaus; below, a cluster bomb)

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